About us....

The company AXIS Grup was founded and registered as a trademark in 1994.
In the beginning, the object of its activity was "Turnkey interior design". The company designed and executed projects for complex areas of offices, trade areas, hotels, restaurants and homes, using in that purpose the most modern materials for finishes, furniture and equipment, that had begun to appear also on the Romanian market. In those years, with the help of our representative office in Bucharest, we managed to "import" in Sibiu all that innovations that we implemented with teams of mostly young employees, who thus were trained at work and who still thank now the company, calling it the AXIS Academy.
Their presentation and marketing were done through the stores opened at that time in Sibiu. Certainly, the people from Sibiu remember the first store opened on Morilor Street, at the corner with Turismului Street or the two stores Axis A and Axis B at HUET Square. In parallel, the promotion of these new materials and solutions for interior design, with the help of invited specialists, was done in 1995 through 54 weekly TV shows on the first local television station. There are people from Sibiu who still remember that TV shows we financed, produced and moderated live and called "AXIS Grup – THE TURNKEY FUTURE ".